Network Type: Mainnet

Chain ID: injective-1

Current Node Version: v1.11

Staked Tokens With Polkachu: 3,073,516INJ

Staked Value With Polkachu: $24,526,661

Injective is an open, interoperable, layer 1 blockchain built for finance applications. It provides solutions tailored for DeFi developers to quickly build and launch dApps for widespread use. Injective uniquely provides traditional finance infrastructures, such as an order book module, on-chain and is highly interoperable with prominent layer 1s, including Ethereum, Evmos, Axelar, and Moonbeam. Injective is built with the Cosmos SDK and utilizes a Tendermint proof-of-stake consensus for secure transactions with instant finality.

Injective is a Tendermint-based chain. You can typically use Keplr or Ping to access your wallet and stake with Polkachu. The staking link is provided below.