Governance Guidelines

Beyond validation and offering public goods, we strive to participate in on-chain governance in the Cosmos ecosystem like a good Cosmonaut. Here are the guidelines we follow:

  • Try our best to vote on every single proposal
  • Publish all our votes here and amplify important votes on Twitter or through blogposts
  • Strive to always have a point of view on any proposal with "Yes", "No", or "No With Veto". "Abstain" is only an option when there is a clear conflict of interest
  • When casting a vote, only consider the interest of the chain where the proposal resides, even if the vote impacts another chain which we validate on or have a partnerhsip with
  • Minimize private-channel comminications regarding any proposals with any third parties
  • Never debate with anyone who casts a different vote with the intention to pursuade. Voters are always right with their own assumptions and living experiences