Polkachu Service Overview

Our main business is running validators on proof-of-stake blockchains, but we also provide many additional services to support blockchain projects. Many of these services are supported by our validator commission so they are free to use and open-source. Moreover, we often run these services even if we do not run validators.

  • We offer many node operator services such as node snapshot, state-sync, seed node, P2P peers, RPC, REST API, and gRPC.
  • We work with project teams to develop custom software, such as token bridge monitoring, price oracle monitoring, etc.
  • We help secure networks by running network scans and alert node operators when we find exposed RPC RPC ports on validator nodes.
  • We operate hundreds of IBC relay channels in the Interchain and provide adjacent IBC services such as channel creation, packet traffic monitoring / clearing, automatic IBC client update. etc.
  • We actively participate in the on-chain governance and vote on almost every proposal.
  • We align long-term interest with projects and support them in all phases (devnet, testnet, mainnet) regardless of incentives.
  • We run archive nodes and archive node snapshots for selected projects to ensure the whole history of the most important blockchains is perserved and recoverable.
  • We open-source many of our internal tools (especially Ansible scripts) to benefit the whole community.