Aptos Node Snapshot

Ledger Version
284711608 233 GB 10 hours ago aptos_284711608.tar.lz4

Our Aptos Snapshot Server Setup

We take one node snapshot every day. We then delete all the previous snapshots to free up the space on the file server. The snapshot is not pruned. We might apply some pruning strategy in the future to reduce the disk requirement.

How To Process Aptos Snapshot

Install lz4 if needed

sudo apt update
sudo apt install snapd -y
sudo snap install lz4

Download the snapshot

wget -O aptos_284711608.tar.lz4 https://snapshots.polkachu.com/snapshots/aptos/aptos_284711608.tar.lz4 --inet4-only

Stop your node

sudo service aptos stop

Reset your node. We assume that all your Aptos config and data files are located in a folder called $HOME/mainnet. If you have a different folder, please adjust the script accordingly.

rm -rf $HOME/mainnet/data

Decompress the snapshot to your database location

lz4 -c -d aptos_284711608.tar.lz4  | tar -x -C $HOME/mainnet

If everything is good, now restart your node

sudo service aptos start

Remove downloaded snapshot to free up space

rm -v aptos_284711608.tar.lz4

Make sure that your node is running

sudo service aptos status
sudo journalctl -u aptos -f

ADVANCED ROUTE: The above solution requires you to download the compressed file, uncompressed it and then delete the original file. This requires extra storage space on your server. You can run the following combo command to stream the snapshot into your database location. For advanced users only:

curl -o - -L https://snapshots.polkachu.com/snapshots/aptos/aptos_284711608.tar.lz4 | lz4 -c -d - | tar -x -C $HOME/mainnet