Andromeda Seed Node

Chain ID: andromeda-1 | Current Node Version: v0.1.1-patch

Seed Node for Andromeda

A common way to bootstrap a node is through persistent_peers. However, they take up unnecessary computing resources once the list of peers is stale. More importantly, if you run a validator node, it can slow down the node's block signing speed and cause missing blocks. Therefore, our best practice is to only use persistent peers from nodes you absolutely trust, such as your own sentry nodes.

The alternative is to bootstrap with a seed node first, use it to populate addrbook.json and then rely on addrbook.json moving forward. This typically reduces the p2p load on the server and solves the missing block issue.

If you decide to use a seed node to bootstrap your node, below is Polkachu's seed node for Andromeda:

[email protected]:21256