Network Type: Mainnet

Chain ID: juno-1

Current Node Version: v14.0.0

Staked Tokens With Polkachu: 772,670JUNO

Staked Value With Polkachu: $304,040

Juno is the permissionless neutral home of CosmWasm interoperable smart contracts and the InterWasm DAO. The ecosystem is pioneering CosmWasm development and adoption. Juno as a layer 1 smart contract network solves the first generation smart contract bottlenecks which are limited scalability, high cost for deployment and execution and offers an easy environment for developers across the globe to deploy scalable, secure decentralized applications efficiently.

Juno is a Tendermint-based chain. You can typically use Keplr or Ping to access your wallet and stake with Polkachu. The staking link is provided below.