The Hitchhiker's Guide to Becoming a Top-Rank Validator

Polkachu Team | 2022-04-03

  1. Reverse mortgage the house and sell a kidney to make the initial buy-in: From inactive to 100.
  2. Name the validator "🐶 0% fee until 2430 🚀": From 100 to 85
  3. Announce an NFT airdrop to delegators: From 85 to 61
  4. Hire a Fiverr artist for continuous and perpetual NFT teaser mockups: From 61 to 34
  5. Engage with community with worthless meme coin sweepstakes and shitposts: From 34 to 27
  6. Make a promise of 100% slash refund with no backing of liquid funds: From 27 to 18
  7. Get delegators' Authz permission on and then sweep other validators' rewards to stake on your own: From 18 to 8
  8. Make friends with Cosmonautic luminaries and YouTube sensations and let them remind delegators of the NFT drop (which will never come): From 8 to 3
  9. Develop an incredible community tool but only include the project after a large foundation delegation: From 3 to 1

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