Polkachu's Infrastructure Support for the Cosmos Ecosystem

Polkachu Team | 2022-05-25

Polkachu is a trusted validators on proof-of-stake blockchains. We are also a major infrastructure provider for these projects, especially in the Cosmos Ecosystem.

We have 7 main infrastructure products:

  1. State-Sync: Polkachu provides state-sync servers on Tendermint-based chains. Node operators can quickly sync up a node with minimum storage requirement. Currently we support state-sync on 24 Tendermint-based chains. https://polkachu.com/state_sync
  2. Node Snapshot: Polkachu provides Tendermint-based chain snapshots for node operators to quickly sync up a node. These nodes are frequently state-synced to reduce the storage requirement. Currently we support node snapshot on 27 Tendermint-based chains. https://polkachu.com/tendermint_snapshots
  3. Public RPC: Polkachu offers public RPC endpoints for developers and users on 27 Tendermint-based chains. https://polkachu.com/public_rpc. Here is a PR to add many of our RPC endpoints to the chain registry: https://github.com/cosmos/chain-registry/pull/290
  4. Public API: Polkachu offers public API endpoints for developers and users on 27 Tendermint-based chains. https://polkachu.com/public_api
  5. Live Peers, Seed Nodes and Addrbooks: Polkachu provides P2P peers, seed nodes and addrbook.json files on Tendermint-based chains that allow node operators to quickly connect with networks. Currently we support live peers, seed nodes and addrbooks on 28 Tendermint-based chains. https://polkachu.com/live_peers, https://polkachu.com/seeds, and https://polkachu.com/addrbooks
  6. Interchain Upgrade Watcher: We keep track of network upgrades and show live consensus progress at the upgrade height. Currently we support chain upgrades on 26 Tendermint-based chains. https://polkachu.com/chain_upgrades
  7. Testnet Labs: While the above products are designed for mainnets, we also offer supports for many testnets with the same product offering (mostly state-sync, live peers, RPC and API). Currently we support on 14 Tendermint-based testnets. https://polkachu.com/testnets

Besides these product offerings, we also learn and share in public. For example, we have documented our node snapshot infrastructure and our system-based validation infrastructure. Both are well-received in the community.

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