Five Tips to Turn Twitter Into a Web3 Rocketship

Polkachu Team | 2022-04-25

Elon, congratulations on the Twitter takeover!

Despite your success in PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX, we think that Twitter will be the hardest challenge you will ever face. But do not worry. Here are 5 tips to turn Twitter into a web3 rocketship.

  1. Retroactive Airdrop: Twitter users need to own the protocol. Let's retroactively airdrop $TWTR tokens to every users based on their tweet activities. Normie tweet gets 1 token. Bad take gets 0. Shitpost like this one gets 100 or more with no whale cap.
  2. Proof-of-Stake Feed: Turn the Twitter feed into a Proof-of-Stake feed modeled after Tendermint. When likes to a tweet are outnumbered by replies by 2/3 ratio, the tweet is automatically discarded from the consensus. Copypasta tweets get "double-sign slash", and bad takes get "jailed".
  3. Deplatform DAO: Get everyone who has been de-platformed by Twitter to lead a Deplatform DAO. The DAO is open to everyone and the access is gated by a "I ♥️ Free Speech" NFT. The NFT is minted after one listens to an opposite viewpoint. Rare ones go to anyone able to articulate the opposite viewpoint.
  4. Blue Checkmark Holiday: Declare 4/20 as a national holiday to silence all blue checkmarks and restore tranquility that this little blue bird deserves. On 4/21, submit an on-chain governance proposal to decide whether blue checkmarks should be silenced forever.
  5. Edit Button: Enough said.
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