Buzzwords for NGMI Chains

Polkachu Intern | 2022-10-08

With Tendermint/Cosmos SDK, starting a new blockchain has never been easier. But how do you make sure it is NGMI? Thanks to Crypto Twitter's collective brain, here is a definitive list:

  1. Save the planet
  2. Bring the next billions of users
  3. X-to-earn
  4. Metaverse
  5. EVM fork
  6. NFTs for true artists
  7. Democratization of xyz
  8. Our clients include Starbucks, Amazon and Disney
  9. BAYC but with true utilities
  10. Wallet for the unbanked
  11. ETH Killer
  12. Gazillion of transactions per second
  13. Bridge web2 devs to web3
  14. Take DeFi mainstream / to the Wall Street
  15. CeDeFi

Thanks to all Twitter high-IQ people for the contribution to the list!

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