9 Types of NGMI Blockchains

Polkachu Team | 2022-03-26

NGMI #1: Memecoin chains that do not have memes

NGMI #2. Chains that keep bricking validators

NGMI #3: Chains whose whole existence is to build a brand to promote their validators on other chains

NGMI #4: Chains with too much leadership politics

NGMI #5: Chains that should be punished by Crypto God for having a bad token symbol

NGMI #6: Chains that do not need blockchain technology

NGMI #7: Chains whose foundation nodes are addicted to staking rewards

NGMI #8: Chains with high DPS (Drama Per Second) throughput

NGMI #9: Chains with >50% tokens for foundation/team/advisors, which are actually the same people

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