5 Ways to Dox Pupmøs

Polkachu Team | 2022-04-12

Pupmøs is an anonymous validator that all other validators love to hate. To help our validator community, we are offering 5 ways to dox Pupmøs. You are welcome.

  1. Physics Experiment: Line up all validators on the second-floor balcony, each holding a metal ball labeled "token" or "NFT". When the time comes, each validator releases the ball. Only Pupmøs' ball will defy gravity and never drop.
  2. Dog-Park Undercover: Visit all the dog parks and give treats while saying "who's a good boy today?!" to all the good boys. If a dog does not respond, you will switch from treats to "tr8tz" and say "whazz 8 gud bu8?!" The one that is wagging the tail now is Pupmøs.
  3. Spelling Contest: Line up all validators and ask each to spell from a to z on the blackboard. The one who reflexively spells "o" as "ø" is Pupmøs.
  4. Zoom-Call Surprise: Invite all validators to the latest episode of Game of Nodes podcast. Unexpectedly, the host yells "Squirrel!" and then immediately does a roll-call. The one guest that is missing is Pupmøs, since it will be chasing in the yard.
  5. Rocket Launch: We partner with SpaceX and receive the honor to announce the count-down for rocket launches. The one nervous validator hiding in the corner is Pupmøs, because it knows its countdown interval is hyper-irregular and it may never count down to 0.
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