Stake with Polkachu

Step 1: Understand Polkadot's UI

You will stake your DOT/KSM through the official Polkadot UI, so make sure you are familiar with it. You can do many more things beside staking there!

Additional Resource: Polkadot UI

Step 2: Create Accounts

Make sure that you secure the seed phrases after creating accounts. You will need a controller account and a stash account in order to start staking.

Additional Resource: Create Accounts

SStep 3: Stake Your DOT/KSM

Staking earns you DOT/KSM rewards and helps secure the networks. Nominators may back up to 16 validators as trusted validator candidates.

Additional Resource: Learn Staking

Step 4: Pick DOT/KSM Validators

It is important to do your own research. If you decide to support Polkachu, search for our stash keys or validator name POLKACHU.COM on Polkadot UI. Thank you!

Additional Resource: Stake with the Right Validators