Governance Participation

Proposal ID
Osmosis 352 Signalling Proposal for LIKE/OSMO External Incentive Match No Do not know what is LIKE and hope never learn what is LIKE. The project is not engaged with the general Cosmos community and has no viable product or go-to-market strategy. No. Details
Osmosis 351 Regular Incentive adjustment for 2022-10-24 Yes Routine adjustment. Details
Osmosis 350 Match External Incentives for GRAV incentivised pairs No While we support Gravity Bridge as a validator, we vote on Osmosis with the Osmosis community's best interest. Osmosis has selected Axelar as the canonical bridge, so any other competing bridges are not strategically important. They are free to list the assets with external incentives, but we do not need to match incentives. Details
Osmosis 349 Remove Incentives from OSMO/ROWAN Yes The recent Sifchain's experimental tokenomics has caused large price discrepancy among DEXs. It is great that Sifchain experiments its tokenomics, but Osmosis should not be the collateral damage. Details
Osmosis 348 Regular Incentive adjustment for 2022-10-17 Yes Routine adjustment. Details
Osmosis 347 Gravity Incentivised Pools Yes Gravity Bridge is a good bridge and this proposal is about the distribution of external $GRAV tokens as incentive. Details
Osmosis 346 Match External Incentives on OSMO/EVMOS (#722) Yes LFG! Details
Osmosis 345 Signaling Proposal for STRD/OSMO (#806) Incentivised Pool Yes Stride has shipped the first liquid staking protocol in the interchain. Its product has proven popular among Osmosis users as the ATOM/stATOM pool jumped to be one of the top 5 pools on Osmosis. It makes sense to put it in the “OSMO / minor” incentive category as its success is lightly tied with the Osmosis success. Details
Osmosis 344 Regular Incentive adjustment for 2022-10-10 Yes Regular Incentive adjustment Details
Osmosis 343 Upload Autonomy Network Stops/Limits Wrapper Contract No Autonomy Network deploys the necessary code on-chain to add limit orders and stop losses to Osmosis. It has been tested on Osmosis testnet. It is part of Osmosis' vision and journey towards matching all the features of CEX. (changed the vote to No due to this: Details