Governance Participation

Proposal ID
Osmosis 384 Signalling Proposal for OSMO/WMATIC(#789) incentivised pool Yes MATIC is one of the top coins outside of the Cosmos ecosystem and is strategically important for Osmosis to become the biggest DEX. LFG! Details
Osmosis 383 Upload ICNS Contracts: Registrar Contract, Part 3 Yes LFG Details
Osmosis 382 Upload ICNS Contracts: Resolver Contract, Part 2 Yes LFG Details
Osmosis 381 Upload ICNS Contracts: Name-nft Contract, Part 1 Yes LFG! Details
Osmosis 379 Regular Incentive adjustment for 2022-12-12 Yes Routine adjustment. Details
Osmosis 378 Osmosis Support Lab Funding Round December 2022 - February 2023 Yes Osmosis Support Lab is doing the God's work to support the community. LFG! Details
Osmosis 377 Stableswap Incentive structure Yes In our view, stable swap is the most impact product release on Osmosis this year. Glad that we have put so much thoughts into the incentive structure. LFG! Details
Osmosis 376 Phase out Incentives on Low Revenue Pools Yes About time! Details
Osmosis 375 Proposal on Transferring ION to ION DAO Treasury Yes LFG! Details
Osmosis 374 Replace LUNC IBC Client 07-tendermint-1549 with 07-tendermint-2369 Yes Every chain is sovereign and should be able to free the tokens locked through IBC as long as it does not harm anyone. Details