Governance Participation

Proposal ID
Osmosis 406 Regular Incentive adjustment for 2023-01-23 Yes Routine adjustment Details
Osmosis 405 Enable Superfluid Staking on OSMO/WBNB Yes LFG! Details
Osmosis 404 Incentivise Core StableSwap pool: USDC/USDT/BUSD Yes LFG! Details
Osmosis 403 Recognise BUSD as a Stablecoin asset Yes LFG! Details
Osmosis 402 Recognise USDT as a Stablecoin asset Yes LFG! Details
Osmosis 401 Osmosis v14 Neon Upgrade Yes This upgrade adds the following features: Geometric TWAP, Downtime Detection Module, IBC <> Cosmwasm Composability Work, and IBC upgrade to v4.2.0. Details
Osmosis 400 Phase out 1 and 7 day liquidity bonds Yes Based on the stats, 1 and 7 day bonding pools are distraction to the business direction of Osmosis. Let's move past them! Details
Osmosis 399 Regular Incentive adjustment for 2023-01-16 Yes Routine adjustment. Details
Osmosis 398 Enable Superfluid Staking on OSMO/WMATIC Yes LFG! Details
Osmosis 397 Phase out Incentives for EEUR Yes LFG! Details