Governance Participation

Proposal ID
Osmosis 207 Adopt Gravity Bridge as the Canonical Ethereum Bridge Service Provider No See 206 Details
Osmosis 206 Adopt Axelar as the Canonical Ethereum Bridge Service Provider Yes We support Axelar because it is best option available after watching the 3-hour marathon bridge session on YouTube. We also like Nomad. Nomad will be integrated into Evmos on Day 1, so we think it will be a fair competition between these two bridges in the cosmos ecosystem. Details
Osmosis 205 Canonical Ethereum Bridge Provider: Approval Voting Procedures & Reciprocal Expectations for Bridge Provision Yes This is a procedural vote. What follows will be one of the most consequential proposals in Osmosis' history. LFG! Details
Osmosis 204 Signaling proposal to add Cerberus (CRBRUS) pool 662 to the Osmosis incentives program No While we are one of the Top 10 validators on Cerberus, we do not believe that the project has proved itself. LP 662 on Osmosis has very shallow liquidity, so asking for OSMO incentive is premature. More importantly, the team has not published the team's vesting accounts and vesting schedule, despite the fact that we urged the team to do so weeks ago on Discord. Details
Osmosis 203 Enable Superfluid Staking on OSMO/AKT Yes We support any proposals that bring superfluid staking to mature liquidity pools with large volumes. Details
Osmosis 202 Semi-Automatic Incentive Adjustments for 04/17/2022 Yes Routine adjustment Details
Osmosis 201 Enable Superfluid Staking on OSMO/CMDX Yes In general, we support all the current OSMO pools to go superfluid. However, we do want to take this opportunity to call out the Comdex team about their product focus. The latest townhall has been a disappointment to us. The team seems to spread themselves thin into many different areas opportunistically. We recommend that the team first finds the product-market fit for its core product (the Comdex app). While the superfluid staking will help support the token price and its stability in the short term, it does not create value by itself. On the other hand, the true utilities of the product do. Details
Osmosis 200 Onboard HOPE/OSMO #653 for Osmosis Incentives No What the f*ck is HOPE? No! Details
Osmosis 199 Formalize usage of commonwealth for governance Yes This is an off-chain commitment that governance proposals be posted to commonwealth for a minimum of three days before being submitted to the chain for a vote. At the end of the day, blockchain is all about social consensus, whether on-chain or off-chain. We believe that this commitment will make the governance process healthier with more community engagement. Details
Osmosis 197 Semi-Automatic Incentive Adjustments for 04/10/2022 Yes Routine adjustment. Details