Governance Participation

Proposal ID
Osmosis 330 Proposal for Community Enabled Analytics Program - Flipside Crypto Yes Fireside Crypto offers a good data product for many crypto projects. It is good for Osmosis to hook into its existing platform and get exposure to its general audience. Details
Osmosis 329 Signaling Proposal for ATOM/stATOM (#803) Incentivised Pool Yes Liquid staking is an important DeFi primitive. We believe that Osmosis has missed a strategic opportunity when it focused on superfluid staking rather than the vanilla version of liquid staking. That said, the second best option is to partner with a project that has built the product. The Stride team has shown great capabilities in bringing their product to market so quickly, essentially front-running the Neutron project. We believe that liquid-staking pairs are strategically important to Osmosis, thus "Yes" to this proposal. Details
Osmosis 328 Regular Incentive adjustment for 2022-09-12 Yes Routine adjustment. Details
Osmosis 327 Regular Incentive adjustment for 2022-09-05 Yes Routine adjustment. Details
Osmosis 325 Regular Incentive adjustment for 2022-08-29 Yes Routine adjustment Details
Osmosis 324 Osmosis Support Lab Funding Round September - November 2022 Yes We love the work done by Osmosis Support Lab. The DeFi competition in the Cosmos ecosystem is heating up with the new orderbook chains (Crescent, Kujira, Sei) and liquid-staking chains (Quicksilver, Neutron, Stride) and the wildcard dYdX. Osmosis will no longer enjoy the first-mover advantage for long. It has to compete in product features and go-to-market strategies. We see Osmosis Support Lab as an integral part of Osmosis' go-to-market push. Details
Osmosis 323 Signaling Proposal: Removal of incentives from pool #690 MNTL/OSMO Yes We do not take incentive removal proposals lightly. The evidence of MNTL's team wash trading is clear. This violates the spirits of what Osmosis incentive is for. We vote Yes. Details
Osmosis 322 Revised - [ION DAO] initialize Yes This proposal will instantiate ION DAO contract on Osmosis with revised parameters. The ION DAO contract is passed on Prop 315 and 316. Details
Osmosis 321 [ION DAO] initialize No This proposal is superseded by Prop 322. Details
Osmosis 320 Remove blocked.go from Osmosis No We are very happy to see the community reacts to the recent OFAC sanctions against Tornado Cash quickly. However, we think that Prop 320 is rushed. The regulatory environment is still unclear and many crypto advocacy groups are working behinds the scene to seek more favorable clarity. In the meanwhile, there is no tangible benefits for Osmosis to make waves in this heated news cycle to pass such a proposal. The best move is to maintain the status quo and wait for more regulatory clarity before making any protocol changes. Details