Governance Participation

Proposal ID
Osmosis 369 Signaling Proposal for stOSMO/OSMO (#833) Incentivised Pool Yes LFG! Details
Osmosis 368 Regular Incentive adjustment for 2022-11-28 Yes routine adjustment Details
Osmosis 367 Revive IBC Client to Dig Yes LFG Details
Osmosis 366 Regular Incentive adjustment for 2022-11-21 Yes Routine adjustment Details
Osmosis 365 Signaling Proposal for IST/OSMO External Incentive Match Yes Decentralized web needs decentralized stable coin. IST is on of the native stable coin within the Cosmos ecosystem. It might be difficult to compete with USDC, but let's try our best to make it successful. Details
Osmosis 364 Further Reduction of Liquidity Emissions Yes We believe that most DeFi protocols are over-paying incentives. In the long run, Osmosis need to have both orderbook (for popular trading peers) and AMM (for long-tail assets). This proposal is one step in the right direction to reduce incentives for AMM. We will of course observe the impact and correct course if needed with additional proposals. Details
Osmosis 363 Regular Incentive adjustment for 2022-11-14 Yes Routine adjustment Details
Osmosis 362 Osmosis Grants Program (OGP) Renewal Yes We believe that on-chain governance should vote on high-level processes while leaving the specific decisions to "expert committees". This proposal fits this principle. Some question the request amount and cost-structure transparency. They are fair criticism and many concerns have been addressed in That said, Reverie has a proven track record in the previous Osmosis Grants Program work. We will continue to support their work. Details
Osmosis 361 Enable Superfluid Staking on OSMO/NGM (#463) Yes LFG! Details
Osmosis 360 WBNB bootstrapping liquidity incentives Yes BNB is among the top 5 coins in terms of market cap. It is important to attract BNB liquidity if Osmosis wants to become the biggest DEX in crypto. Details