Governance Participation

Proposal ID
Cosmos Hub 98 ATOM GROWTH DAO Growth & Developer Acquisition 2023 No Rather than funding those nebular marketing/BD project, we say let's use the money to fund Confio and further grow the already thriving CosmWasm developer community. Details
Axelar 40 ATOM / USDC Airdrop ✅ No With Veto LOL Details
Evmos 114 Register ERC20 for yEVMOS: Liquid Staking Token Yes LFG! Details
Axelar 39 ATOM Airdrop for COSMOS holders ✅ No With Veto LOL Details
Axelar 38 ATOM / USDC Airdrop ✅ No With Veto LOL Details
Teritori 6 Community Pool Spend Proposal for Osmosis Liquidity Incentives Yes LFG Details
Crescent 78 Addition of LP farming plan - stkATOM pair Yes Looks good to us! Details
Juno 141 Protocol Owned Liquidity proposal on WYND DEX Yes LFG! Details
Osmosis 422 Update IBC Client for Cerberus - 2nd time Yes 2nd time is the charm. Details
Axelar 37 Axelar New Features ✅ No With Veto LOL Details