Governance Participation

Proposal ID
Evmos 68 Register ERC20 for USK (Stablecoin of Kujira) Yes $USK is a fully collateralized stable coin from Kujira. We believe that we need serious competition for stable coins before USDC swoops in and takes the whole prize. Kujira is a fast-shipping DeFi project and USK has been bootstrapped as it is a base currency on its trading platform. Details
Evmos 67 Liquidity Mining Proposal for Axelar Network, Celer Network, and Gravity Bridge on Kinesis Yes With the recent Nomad hack, Evmos needs a way to bootstrap liquidity to jumpstart the Evmos DeFi ecosystem. We supported the Diffusion proposal and we will support this one too. Details
Evmos 66 Community Pool Spend: Recover IBC tokens from Airdrop Yes This proposal is to fix a mistaken clawback. More details: Details
Kava 100 Kava 11 Software Upgrade Proposal Yes LFG! Details
Cosmos Hub 77 Fund incentives for the Interchain Security Incentivized testnet – Game of Chains – from the Community Pool Yes We are extremely excited about the ATOM 2.0 vision and believe that Cosmos Hub has a rare opportunity to cement its central position in the Interchain by shipping Interchain Security. This testnet operation is part of this vision. Details
Sifchain 119 Revive Terra classic IBC Client Yes This proposal will re-enable the expired Terra Classic IBC client. Terra Classic has had a volatile year but so far has stabilized. It is about time to revive the client. Details
Kusama 236 Upgrade Statemine's runtime to the v9290 Yes LFG! Details
Osmosis 340 Regular Incentive adjustment for 2022-10-03 Yes Routine adjustment. Details
Canto 20 B-harvest SDK development funding Yes B-Harvest is one of the OG Tendermint development teams. We are so excited to bring them into the Canto project! Details
Osmosis 339 Upload Apollo Liquid Staking Contract Yes Liquid staking is coming to Osmosis via Apollo! It is approved in Prop 319 and re-uploaded with a fix. For context of this bug fix: Details